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How can the Amazon Deep Racer and AI help us in our everyday life?

As technology gets more and more advanced, our lives have began to become easier and easier. The Amazon Deep Racer gives us a glimpse of what the future of cars could look like. Cars such as Tesla and BMW already have the autopilot feature which allows the cars to drive itself to a given location. In the pictures below, you can see the difference between one of the first automobiles ever built and the Tesla cars we have nowadays.

The Amazon Deep Racer provides for us a vision of how cars could operate in the future. These cars would have the most efficient way of getting from one place to another and they would also be able to do it safely. These cars of the future would able to use the most optimal speed, the most optimal route, and all the while being able to make sure that the passenger in the car is safe. This is where the object avoidance functionality in the Deep Racer car would be really important. The car would be able to use its cameras and Artificial Intelligence to allow the car to drive around dangerous objects.

A key part of the Amazon Deep Racer is Artificial Intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence inside of the Deep Racer allows the car to stay on the track, avoid objects, and much more. After a lot of training, the Artificial Intelligence will also have a faster reaction time than humans. This means that if another car accidentally swerves into your lane or if a wild animal isn't fast enough to get out of the way before the car crashes into it, then the AI-controlled car would probably be the car that will be able to stop in time. Another advantage of AI is that it won't be distracted like a human. If a human is sleepy, on their cellphone, or is not focused while driving, the human has a great chance of accidentally crashing their car. These things will never happen to an AI because it is machine.

We know that AI isn't ready to fully automate everything in life yet, and that it might take a very long time until AI can start making a huge difference in our life. We also know that many people are afraid that a lot of people are going to lose their jobs when everything becomes automatic. But, we can take a look at the past to see how we can put these problems and anxieties to rest. For example, it took 1879 years after Christ was born in order for the light bulb to be invented. But, once it was invented, it changed people's lifestyles and made life so much easier. The lightbulb allowed people to be able to shine light in dark places and for people do things late at night. A good example of a time when people were afraid they were going to lose their jobs was when cars came out. Everybody thought that all the railroad workers and the locomotive engineers would lose their jobs and that the rate of employment would start increasing dramatically, but instead many opportunities came to being such as the chance to work in an assembly line factory and working as a chauffer. The invention of automobiles brought way more opportunities of employment than it took away and therefore more people were able to get a job and support their family. Just like this example in history, AI may take away some opportunities of employment for people, but I'm sure that it will add a lot more. The need for skilled developers and programmers will become higher than ever. Artificial Intelligence may bring some cons with it, but as long as the pros outweigh the cons, I'm sure that AI will drastically improve our lives and give us better and more comfortable living conditions.

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